The UMK 2019 Postgraduate Colloquium Program aims to provide opportunities for postgraduate students to present the results of their studies at their respective levels to ensure that students' progress reports are good. This colloquium emphasizes postgraduate students who are in semester 2 and above to present the results of their studies throughout the semester. In addition, this colloquium can provide opportunities for postgraduate students to improve the study conducted and get suggestions and views from evaluators and supervisors. This program can also provide exposure to students to produce quality research as well as provide information to students about the methods and ways of writing a thesis effectively and efficiently. In addition, this program also aims to increase the participants' knowledge on thesis writing and research conducted through feedback through question and answer sessions after the presentation.

Among the main objectives of this program held:

i. To provide opportunities for postgraduate students to present ideas, written results of their research.

ii. To expose postgraduate students about the needs and techniques in producing an efficient and effective thesis through a briefing to be delivered by the guest speaker.

iii. To know the language style, target readers and delivery effects in producing quality and quality research and theses.

The colloquium was attended by 43 postgraduate students who presented the results of their respective studies and were evaluated by 12 panels of assessors from FKP academic staff according to their respective fields. As a result of this colloquium, articles submitted by students will be published in the form of colloquium proceedings.