The Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Program 2u2i Faculty of Entrepreneurship & Business (FKP) continues to stand out and become the main reference when receiving a visit from Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS). A delegation of 11 people from the Faculty of Business, Economics & Accounting (FPEP) was led by the Deputy Dean (Academic & International) Dr. Beatrice Lim Fui Yee. This is a UMS counter visit as a result of the previous Benchmark visit in April 2019 recently, which was led by the Dean of FKP, Prof. Madya Ts. Dr. Zailani Abdullah along with FKP management & administration members to FPEP UMS.

The presentation of the 2u2i program was completed by Dr. Shah Iskandar Fahmi Iskandar who is the Head of Department (Entrepreneurship). During the presentation, FKP has shared about the initial planning of the 2u2i program up to the program’s implementation. The faculty is also ready to provide advice and consultantion to FPEP if they are intended to create a 2u2i program in the future. The delegation was also given a tour to 2u2i Incubator where they were being brief once again given by Dr. Shah Iskandar Fahmi. During the visit, UMS also took the opportunity to interview some the 2u2i students.

Apart from that, the FPEP delegation was also taken to UMK Bachok and paid a courtesy visit to the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dato 'Ts. Dr. Noor Azizi Ismail. Dato’ Vice Chancellor has shared some stories, insights and tips in driving UMK’s excellence. According to him, with the rapid technology advancement nowadays, the proper use of social media such as LinkedIn actually can boost the visibility of a university worldwide. By taking into consideration that he is also a Professor in Accounting and Information Systems, he expressed that he is an analytical type of person and more concerned with facts rather than perceptions in making any decision.