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Doctor of Philosophy Programmes




Doctor of Philosophy Programmes:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Management)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Finance)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Commerce)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Accounting)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Retailing)



The PhD programme offered is a research degree designed to create advanced knowledge in specific areas of research. The research component allows students to apply and extend the knowledge gained throughout their studies by understanding and applying the research process. This program provides a unique opportunity for students to gain specialized entrepreneurship knowledge through research. Research students are guided by the faculty members who are the experts in related and dedicated to research work. Carrying the status as the only university in Malaysia and probably in the world that specializes in entrepreneurship, Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Business manages to attract students from across the globe to join the faculty’s unique research community.

arrow The Faculty of Entreprenuership and Business offers the following Research Mode :

            1. Management

          2. Finance

          3. Commerce

          4. Accounting

          5. Retailing


arrow Click here for a list of FKP specialties if you are looking for a field and with potential supervisors.

arrow More Information please visit Centre for Postgraduate studies


Aim of the Programme

The aim of the programme are as the followings:

1.  to produce competent graduates with high knowledge and skills ability in their own expertise

2.  to develop research competency and expertise

3.  to produce a professional with ethical attitudes among graduates


Learning Outcomes

At the end of the program of study, graduates should be able to:

1. synthesize knowledge and contribute to natural research that extends the boundaries of knowledge in the field of expertise;

2. adapt practical skills leads to innovative ideas to provide exposure in the areas of expertise;

3. produce and publish original publication in the field of expertise for the benefit of the community and industry;

4. conduct independent research with legal compliance, ethical and professional practice code;

5. demonstrate leadership qualities through effective communication and collaboration among researchers and stakeholders;

6. address critical problems critically by using scientific information management skills; and

7. integrate information for lifelong learning.






arrowBachelor's Degree with Honors (CGPA> 2.75) from recognized Public or Overseas Institutions of Higher Learning or qualification equivalent to those accepted by the University Senate.

arrowHowever, an applicant with other qualifications may also be considered if he / she has the appropriate research experience and can demonstrate his / her ability to follow Graduate Studies.


arrow Duration and Fees


   1. MyBrain15

   2. PTPTN

   3. MARA

   4.  Graduate Research Assistant (GRA)


Application must be made using the prescribe Application Form  that can be downloaded from the website for Free (Research Form) . Alternatively, the form can also be obtained from CPS for RM10.00 or USD5.00. All application must be accompanied with RM50.00 or USD20.00 processing fee payable by a bank draft / check / money order to Universiti Malaysia Kelantan or by cash to the UMK Bursar.

The duly completed application form together with all the required documents should be submitted to:

Centre for Postgraduate Studies
Universiti Malaysia Kelantan
Pengkalan Chepa Campus
Locked Bag 36
16100 Kota Bharu


Jaringan Industri


FKP@Media Sosial





Kampus Kota, Karung Berkunci 36,

Pengkalan Chepa, 16100

Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia

Telephone: 609 7717251

Fax: 609 7717252

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