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Official Portal of Faculty Entrepreneurship and Business



Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Business (FEB) is one of the earliest faculty established by the University of Malaysia Kelantan (UMK). FEB was established in 2006 in line with the university’s vision and mission which stresses on entrepreneurship and business education. The entrepreneurship and business programmes offered by the faculty intended not only to provide its fundamental knowledge but to also inculcate entrepreneurial practice, skills, and talent amongst students. The faculty also responsible in offering entrepreneurship courses for other faculties of the university. Furthermore, we are also involved in building entrepreneurial mindset and attitudes through various programs that are beneficial to the nation and society especially in the development of Small and Medium Enterprise (SME). 

The FEB offers these seven academic programmes to date : 

  • Bachelor of Entrepreneurship (Commerce) with Honours
  • Bachelor of Entrepreneurship (Tourism) with Honours
  • Bachelor of Entrepreneurship (Hospitality) with Honours
  • Bachelor of Entrepreneurship (Health Entrepreneurship) with Honours
  • Bachelor of Entrepreneurship (Retailing) with Honours
  • Bachelor of Entrepreneurship (Logistic and Distributive Trade) with Honours
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Islamic Banking and Finance) with Honours

Vision and Mission


To become a leading institution in the field of entrepreneurship education, research, consultancy, publication, and development.


Inculcate entrepreneurial spirit amongst society both within and outside campus with an objective to generate an entrepreneurship-oriented society that can contribute towards the well being of the nation.



  • Exploring and expanding entrepreneurship and business administration knowledge through teaching, research, publication, consultation, and service for society and country;
  • Generating entrepreneurial graduates who are ethical, commanding good values, skilled and knowledgeable, viable, competitive, creative and innovative, as well as able to contribute towards nation’s development;
  • Provides entrepreneurship and business skill and training to create competent graduates in sectors related with human capital development for nation building; and
  • Constructing a smart networking and partnership with national and international organizations who are directly involved in the field of entrepreneurship and business.



Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, Locked Bag 36,
Pengkalan Chepa, 16100 Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

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